Cutting tool

Cut off excess Knot Filler with this chisel. Ergonomic Cutting tool with beech handle and steal blade, perfect for cutting off excess Knot Filler - More info
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How does it work?

Best use of the Cutting tool

1. Easily removes excess Knot Filler. 
2. Place the cutting tool on the surface of the wood and remove excess Knot Filler from the repair. If possible use one movement. 
3. Remember to keep one hand behind the repair area (safety)
4. We recommend cutting with a slight oblique angle (see video). 
5. Circular movements is also recommendable (see video). 
6. The design of the Cutting tool makes it perfect for edge and corner repairs.

Tip! It is possible to sharpen the blade with some fine-grained sanding paper. ​
Product information "Cutting tool"
Perfect cutting tool to remove excess Knot Filler. The cutting has an ergonimic design which makes it easy to use when cutting off excess Knot Filler. The cutting tool is perfect for repairing edge and corner repairs. 

♦   Cutting tool with beech handle and sharp steel blade. 
♦   Ergonomic design
♦   Size: 90 mm length, 50 mm width 

•   Suitable tool for both wood and formwork repairs
•   The Cutting tool is included in the Wood Repair Pro Kit & Wood Repair Battery Kit