Cooling brick 50x50mm

Perfect cooling brick for Knot Filler wood repairs. Easy cool down Knot Filler with this aluminum Cooling brick -
Forskellige modeller

Cooling brick use

  1. After Knot Filler application quickly place the Cooling brick on top of the warm Knot Filler
  2. Give it a good push when putting it on
  3. Leave the Cooling brick on top of the repair and let the Knot Filler repair cool off
  4. The repair is ready to be cut when the Cooling iron easily comes off and when the color of the Knot Filler is even.  
  • Place cooling bricks in line for longer/bigger repairs
  • Use two or three cooling bricks for edge and corner repairs
  • Use the Cooling brick in combination with the Cooling iron
Product information "Cooling brick 50x50mm"
The BCD Cooling brick is a perfect tool to have at hand when repairing wood with Knot Filler. The Cooling brick is perfect for smaller knots, grains, and cracks. It is easy to grap and put on the warm Knot Filler. The Cooling brick presses the Knot Filler into the repair, which increase durability, and it quickly cools of the Knot Filler so it is ready to be cut. 

  • Cooling brick in aluminum
  • Size: 50x50mm
  • Perfect for smaller repairs as well as edge and corner repairs
  • Useful for repairs in both wood and formwork panels