BCD540 Knot Filler gun

Cord-free Knot Filler application tool. Use the BCD540 for your Knot Filler wood repairs. Professional heating gun, perfect for Knot Filler application- Info

How does it work?

Use the BCD540 Battery gun this easy:

  1. Put a Knot Filler stick in the BCD540 Battery gun
  2. Turn it on
  3. The temperature is fixed at 170°C
  4. Let the gun pre-heat for approx. 7 minutes
  5. "Shoot" Knot Filler into the knot/repair
  6. Charge the battery when necesarry
  • Never pull out sticks of the BCD540 Knot Filler gun. This ruins the chamber of the gun!
  • Never place the BCD540 Knot Filler gun on the side and never point it upwards! 
  • Follow the instructions in the technical datasheet and/or product sheet
Product information "BCD540 Knot Filler gun"
The BCD540 Knot Filler gun is a cord-free, battery-driven tool specifically deveoped for Knot Filler application. The cord-free Knot Filler gun gives you the advantage of freedom-of-movement to repair knots, cracks, grains, etc. in all types of locations. It is a professional, light-weight model with an ergonomic design and quick pre-heating. 

  • Professional, battery-driven, cord-free Knot Filler gun
  • Accepts D Ø12 mm sticks
  • Functioning time on fully charged battery 100-120 min (2.0Ah)
  • Fixed temperature setting 170°C
  • Approx. 7 minutes heating time
  • Two battery options 18V 2.0Ah or 18V 5.A0h