BCD180 Knot Filler gun

Heating gun for Knot Filler application. Use the BCD180 Knot Filler gun to apply Knot Filler and make perfect wood repairs - www.woodrepair.com

How does it work?

Use the BCD 180 Knot Filler gun this easy: 

  1. Place the BCD180 Knot Filler Gun on a flat surface and plug the cord into an outlet
  2. The BCD180 Knot Filler Gun is now turned on
  3. After approx. 7 minutes the Knot Filler gun will be ready for application.
  4. The Knot Filler gun is set for 170°C
  5. Apply Knot Filler into the repair/damage
  6. Turn-off the Knot Filler gun by unplugging it after application. 

  • Never pull out sticks of the BCD180 Knot Filler gun as it ruins the chamber of the gun.
  • Never place the BCD180 Knot Filler gun on the side and never point it upwards. 
  • Follow the instructions in the technical datasheet and/or productsheet
Product information "BCD180 Knot Filler gun"
The BCD 180 Knot Filler gun is a basic Knot Filler gun developed for Knot Filler application. It is perfect for window- and floor installers, carpenters, maintenance, and DIY'ers who need to repair knots, cracks etc. in wood from time to time. 

  • Basic Knot Filler Gun w. cord.
  • Accepts D 12mm sticks.
  • Pre-adjusted temperature 170°C.
  • Pre-heat approx. 7 minutes.
  • Changeable nozzle.

Step-by-Step Guide

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