Wood Repair by Boegh Consult A/S was founded by Bjarne Bøgh Pedersen in 1992 under the name Boegh Consult Denmark A/S. In 2015 we changed our name to Wood Repair by Boegh Consult in order to internationalize our brand and connect our core competence to our company name. The business idea was, and still is, to sell fillers for wood repairs and thereby limit the waste of damaged wood in productions. By limiting discarded wood productions will benefit from reduced costs and better profit. In 2003, we established our sister-company Boegh Consult Baltic SIA in Latvia. Today, our wood repair products are available in more than 50 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and America (full distributor overview here).


        We are specialized in wood repair products and solutions and cover a full product line of wood repair products to all sorts of repairs in wood. In 1992, Bjarne Bøgh Pedersen develedoped our unique product Knot Filler, that is suitable for all kind of repairs, both standard and more difficult repairs. In addition to Knot Filler we carry a line of high quality paste fillers. All of our wood repair products are green products, safe for both the user and the environment. Our line of wood repair products are used in all segments of the wood industry - windows/doors, floors, stairs, furniture, plywood etc. Our wood repair products are both used in big productions, small and medium productions, and by individual handymen/DIY'ers.


        We are a dynamic, firmly constructed, and well-experienced team that works passionately with wood repair products and solutions. In addition to being a family-established company we consider ourselves a small family of wood repair specialists, that work together closely in order to give our customers and distributors the best products and the best service. Together with our sister-company in Latvia we are a team of 14, that, forces joint, speak Danish, English, German, French, Turkish, Russian, and Latvian. Additionally, we have a broad and experienced team of international distributors that sell our wood repair programme to companies and end users worldwide.


        We continuously strive to develop and expand our knowledge of repair products and solutions within the wood industry. Innovation is key, which means we always keep our eyes and ears open towards new ways to use our products and new segments that could benefit from our repair programme. Accordingly, Knot Filler has turned out to be a perfect repair product for repairing formwork. Knot Filler is thus used in bigger international companies and productions that work with formwork such as Hünnebeck Germany. By observing new trends and being in close collaboration with our distributors, we find new ways to use our wood repair products and keep developing our product line and expand our knowledge.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

              " It has always been important for us to support our local community. We are thus proud of contributing to causes that matters to us such as the charity organization Danish Hospital Clowns that does great work for hospitalized children"

Bjarne Bøgh Pedersen (CEO)