Wood Mastic Powder Fillers

If you are looking for a filler that can handle brushing, then you have found it! Powder filler is the solution for you. 

Wood Mastic Powder filler is a professional, high-quality product, which is a perfect part of the green line in our complete wood repair program. It is suitable for damages up to 1,5cm and is therefore great for knot holes. It is also a fantastic filler for scratches and wind lines. Because of the good quality it can be used everywhere but primarily within the furniture and flooring industries.

The Powder Fillers is easily mixed with water 3 to 1 (3 parts powder to 1 part water). This means that 1kg powder will be 1,4kg ready to use paste filler, which again means price advantages and lighter freight. Furthermore the powder has no expiration date when not mixed.

How does it work?

Wood Mastic Powder Filler is a green product that is easy and economic to use for wood repairs. 

Mix the powder filler with water (3 parts powder, 1 part water) in a suitable bowl. When the powder filler has been mixed with water you get a paste. This paste is now ready to use for wood repairs. 
Fill the knot with the wood filler paste. When the wood filler is dry, it is ready for sanding and after-treatment.
Note! The "raw" form of powder filler has no expiration date. Therefore, only mix the amount you need to use for the repair. The powder filler can easily be mixed in our powder filler mixing bowl.

3 Types of Wood Mastic Powder Filler:

●  B2 (Normal)

●  B3 (Hardens quickly)

●  P340 (Hardens slowly)

Note! All three types have the same great qualities; the difference is the drying time.

When using the B3 the drying will take only half the time. 

P340 differentiates by its long pot life after it has been mixed with water.

Powder Filler colours (guiding)

Powder filler comes in 5kg and 30kg buckets.
White Ash Oak Cherry
Smoked Oak Merbau Oak Knot Black

BCD Powder Hardener

We have discovered a new and improved way of using our popular Wood Mastic Powder Filler in the flooring industry.

Our BCD Powder Hardener is a harder filler that you mix with the powder in order to fasten and harden the filler. 

It is quick and easy and it meets the demands of fastening the process with powder filler. 

Advantages of BCD Powder Hardener: 
●  The filler dries and fastens harder
●  The repair area is more pressure resistant
●  The filler will not come off during floor maintenance
●  The filler will stay in the wood even by hard brushing


Quality Control

Quality is an important parameter for us, and we there make sure that our products are the best quality!

The Wood Mastic Powder Filler is regularly tested in a professional lab where we do quality controls of the powder filler. 

New colours are also developed and tested in the lab, where we make new samples of variations and colours. The quality controls secure the high quality of powder fillers!


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