Wood Mastic E800

High quality paste filler with an excellent water repellent effect. Perfect for outdoor use!

The E800 paste filler is a high-quality product that is very popular amongst our customers. It is a traditional fine-grained paste filler, which is very suitable for wood repairs. It stands out thanks to the exceptional water repellency that is created when the filler hardens. Even without finishing surface treatment the filler will repel water and moisture in general. 

This specific quality makes the filler especially suitable for wood that is used outdoors such as windows and doors. Wood Mastic E800 is water-based and safe to use. It is made from non-toxic mineral components. Stain, lacquer, paint, oil etc. can be applied when the filler has hardened. 

Wood Mastic E800 comes in two different packages - 400g tubes and 7kg buckets - and various different colours (see overview below).

How does it work?         

Wood Mastic E800 is a high-quality filler paste that is very easy to use. 

You simply use a spatula to fill the knot or crack with the E800 paste filler. When the knot is full with E800 it needs to dry. The drying-time of E800 is fast and the filler does not sink during the harden process. 

When the filler is dry, you easily sand off excess paste filler. The dust exposure when sanding is low with E800, which is a significant advantage. Repairs with E800 accept all kinds of surface treatments.

Check out the video to the left and see how easy it is to use E800 Paste Filler. 

E800 colours (guiding)

The colours below are available in 400g tubes. Colours marked with * are available as 7kg buckets as well:


White Pine Ash Oak*
Cherry Mahogany Smoked oak Wenge
The following colours are only available as 7kg buckets:
1/Merbau 6/Walnut 8/Jatoba 12/Dark oak     


  ..find all datasheets here