Wood Filler

The traditional paste filler that is easy to use and is an economic alternative to competitive paste fillers. 

Wood filler is a traditional paste filler that has a nice and fine-grained texture, which makes it easy to use. Wood Filler is a green product, which ensures that the user will not be harmed when using the paste. 

Wood filler is primarily used for smaller repairs in the furniture industry and for repair work made between sanding. The paste is an economical alternative to other repair products due to its very competitive price. 

Wood filler comes in 10 different colours and further comes in three different sizes, i.e. 75ml tubes, 1,3 kg. tubes, and finally 9 kg. buckets. 

How does it work?          

Wood Filler is an easy way to repair wood as it comes as a paste filler that is ready to use and does not need to be mixed. 

You simply apply an suitable amount of wood filler paste to the knot. When the knot is filled with wood filler you leave it untill the paste has dried. The drying time depends on the size of the repair. 

When the paste has dried, you simply sand off excess paste filler and done!

The repair is now ready for after-treatment. Notice that our wood filler accepts all kinds of surface treatments. Check out the video to the right and see how it is done!


Wood Filler colours (guiding)

Pine      Pine Knot      Birch      Birch Knot      Mahogany
Oak      Oak knot      Ash      White      Dark Oak


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