Knot Filler

The best solution for repairing wood and formwork!
It is flexible, strong, and durable at the same time. 

Knot filler is the best solution for wood repairs. It is easy to use, and the result is great whether you fix a scratch, damage or big knot. You can even use knot filler to repair corners and edged of wood. Thermelt is made from polyamide and is especially developed for wood fillings because the wood and filler works togetner. 

Knot filler is suitable for all wooden objects such as flooring, furniture, windows etc. It is suitable for all sorts of wood, whether it is hard or soft, light or dark. We have different types of qualities and colours, which makes it possible to find the perfect match. In addition, knot filler has proven perfect as a filler for Formwork Repairs.  
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How does it work?

        Knot filler in solid form is shaped as 30cm sticks with a diameter of 12mm. It is easily applied with the BCD360 Knot Filler Applicator Tool. 

You simply press liquid knot filler into the repair, apply a cooling tool, cut/sand off the excess knot filler - done! Ready for surface treatment. 

The tools we recommend, when using knot filler, are specifically designed for making perfect repairs. They are also made to resist high temperatures from hot liquid filler. Find an overview here.

Knot filler instructions (pdf)

Knot Filler videos - get inspired!

Standard Knot Repair         Crack Repair         Cover of Screws        
Corner Repair         Crack Repair         Standard Knot Repair          

Knot Filler colours



White     Ash     Pine     Pine Light     Knot     Beech     Oak
Walnut     Mahogany     Cherry     Wenge     Grey     Yellow     Black

Formwork Repairs

Knot filler is also an excellent filler for repairing formwork.

The procedure with formwork repairs is the exact same as with wood repairs. Use the knot filler gun to apply the knot filler into the formwork, cool down the repair, and finally cut off excess knot filler.  

Advantages of using knot filler for formwork repairs: 

●  Repair at once!
●  Strong adhesion to the plywood
●  Vertical-horizontal line repairing technique
●  Dries in seconds! Fast and effective repairs
●  Non-toxic way to repair formwork
●  UV proof and flexible, good for Rondo
●  Fast and easy to use
●  Standard colours for formwork such as grey and black
●  Matches perfectly with other repair systems
●  Complementary product 

Check out the videos and see how quick and easy you can make perfect formwork repairs with knot filler! The before-and-after pictures also show the result of formwork repairs with knot filler.




Useful Tools for Knot Filler Repairs                      
We carry a line of useful tools, which we recommend for knot filler repairs. 

With these tools, it is easy to make perfect repairs! After applying the knot filler with one of our knot filler applicator tools we recommend you cool it down with our BCD cooling brick or BCD cooling tool. When the repair is cooled down, cut off the excess knot filler with our BCD cutting tool

The tools are used in our instruction videos and can both be used for wood repairs and formwork repairs. In our product line, we also carry nozzles for the professional BCD360 Knot Filler Applicator Tool, Cleaning oil for knot filler applicator tools, and finally Thermelt Knot filler Colour Charts.

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Note: Knot filler is also available as granulates. Find more information here


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