Knot Filler Granulate

Knot Filler is also available in granulated form for industrial use. It needs to be used in tank systems and automatic machinery.

The interest in automatic repair procedures has increased from industrial manufacturers. These developments have brought the need for granulated knot filler, and we now offer a selection of polyamide granulate with the same qualities as knot filler sticks. Granulate is mostly used at large industrial sites where output and qualities are high. 

The granulate system operates as an open system in comparison to the stick system, which is closed. This means that there are specific tool concerns to think of when using granulate, for instance the Granulate Applicator Tool to the right. 

We also carry two cleaning accessories for granulate guns, i.e. cleaning oil and cleaning granulate.

Knot Filler Granulate colours (guiding)

Black Knot Mahogany Grey Rosewood Pine Wengé
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