E850 Full Trowel Filling

Full trowel filling works better with the E850 paste filler. This new recipe makes floor filling perfect and easy!

We experienced an increasing interest in full trowel filling and, therefore, developed a new version of the E800 for this specific purpose. The quality is the same, but we thinned the texture so it is easier to spread across the surface or the wooden floor. 

The filler covers knots, cracks, nail holes, broken edges, open grains etc. very efficiently so it is possible to restore an old, used floor instead of replacing it. 

The filling is done quickly and makes a smooth and even surface, and the drying-time is fast. One bucket (7kg) covers approximately 60-70 square meters, depending on the condition of the floor. 

E850 paste filler is water-based and safe to use. It comes in 8 different colours

How does it work?        

The E850 Paste Filler is a very easy and quick way to full trowel a parket floor as the paste is already mixed and ready to use. 

You simply cover the parquet floor with our E850 paste filler and let it dry. E850 has the advantage that you only need to fill once, which saves you costs on working hours.

When the paste filler has dried, you can easily sand off excess paste filler with a sanding maschine. Sanding off E850 only creates little dust, which is also an advantage as you save on cleaning costs.

When the floor has been sanded and cleaned it is ready for after-treatment with for instance oil or lack. Check out the video to the right and see how it is done.

Work-in-progress photos



E850 colours (guiding)

The colours oak, ash, wengé and deep black are standard colours. The other colours are accesible by agreement. 

The colours come in 7 kilo buckets. 
White         Ash         Oak         Pine          
Cherry         Smoked oak         Mahogany         Wengé         Deep black


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