Back from LIGNA 2017!
- 02/06/17


Success at LIGNA 2017!

High interest, Great people, Innovation, and new friends.

Se alle de skønne billeder!



LIGNA is the exhibition that just keeps on giving! Once again we are extremely satisfied with the huge interest, high spirits and great people that forms the LIGNA exhibition. This year was no exception and we couldn’t be more pleased be the huge interest and countless smiles and “wow’s” we received at our stand.
As usual, and also as promised, we have had a working stand where the attendees were in focus. Basically what this means is that we were presenting our unique wood repair techniques all days, 5 days in a row, only interrupted by ‘a game of nails’ from time to time.

This year we were also very proud to present new innovation, including new products, partnerships and wood repair solutions.
We brought our new Knot Filler color, silver, which draw a lot of attention from the attenting wood workers, designers and furniture producers.
At LIGNA 2017, we were also very proud to present our new partnership with the great Austrian company WINTERSTEIGER AG, who we collaborate with on a semi- and full automatic wood repair machine system. Learn more about this system here..
In addition to the huge professional attention, we were also noticed by, both the LIGNA TV – Blitzfang Medien (Scrool to: 1.03), and a group of bold young wood working students from Salzburg, who challenged our complete dominance at the game of nails. Naturally, we took time out of our busy schedule to show them who was, and after a close match, still is the grand masters of the nail game.
We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our stand to say hello and see what we do best. In addition, we send a huge thank you to all of our distributors who took time out of their busy schedules and travelled all the way to Hannover to meet us, which we highly value.

To sum up, we have returned from LIGNA 2017 to Denmark with yet another great experience, many new friends and an extremely high motivation. 
This means the world to us, so thank you for everything!
We already look forward to LIGNA 2019 where we are eager to repeat the success!

Best regards,



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