New fresh company car look!
Nini Bøgh - 31/03/17

Spot us on the road…

As of today, you will easily be able to spot us on the road, when two of our sales managers are driving through Denmark and Europe in our company cars. The cars have been freshened up with a new look!

Our green Wood Repair signature colour will be easy to spot on the road, as it covers both the front and back of the cars. We have also implemented two wood repair photos, which show our unique wood repair product Knot Filler in action. With logo and website implemented as well, it feels like we have two brand new cars!

We are all pretty excited and amazed of the transformation, and our two sales managers Nicolai and Johnny are already looking forward to racing on the high ways in their “new” cars. As we speak, Johnny is actually driving through Germany and showing off our Wood Repair brand.

Have a sneak peak of the video!

Give us a thumbs-up if you spot us on the road.

Best regards,

Team Wood Repair

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