Environmentally friendly

Wood Repair Products


Our Wood Repair Products comply with the IKEA test specification IOS-MAT-0054

- Our Wood Repair Products are environmentally friendly and do not contain any toxics.

- Our Wood Repair Products are thus safe for both the user and the environment.


Why do we care?                                                            

- It is important for us that neither the user nor the environment are harmed when using our products.

- We like that you can "work with your hands in the product" without being exposed to any health risks.

- There is no need for protection cloves or protection masks when using our wood repair products.

How are they green products?

- Knot Filler is a chemical-free filler made out of polyamide (PA). 

- Powder Filler is an organic powder, which only needs to be mixed with water.

- Wood Mastic E800 and E850 are water-based paste fillers, free of any toxics.

- Wood Filler is a chemical free paste filler.
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